September 16, 2014

Back to school 2014-2015

La Serna is now home to both our kids !!!
Our senior and our freshman ....

This morning as Nicole drove them to their first day, all she kept saying was it's
my last first day of high school !!
Wow that went fast ....
Good luck you 2 .. we love you and know you will do awesome

September 2014 .... bring it on

I'm back !!!! I miss documenting our crazy life .. so let's see how the rest of 2014 goes!!
Our life is just as crazy and just as busy!! 
But one thing is for sure ... We still like to have fun and I love being with them....

September started with a day in my favorite place ... Labor Day weekend, major crowds
 & Balboa

National Dog Day ... Rocky !! 

As the weather has become incredibly hot .. Xplosion had some fun times at a pool party!!

These amazing girls and I had a great girls weekend in San Diego !! 
Sun, fun, henna, laughs and a great meeting with University of New Mexico.. with a $50,000 scholarship offered!! 

Xplosion Soccer has begun again... Ryan still loves this game!! Even played 2 games this weekend, with the temp of 100 degrees

March 1, 2014

Basketball season comes to an end !!!

This was a different experience for Ryan. Basketball is not "his" sport, he enjoys it, but he hasn't played as much soccer.  He made the Granada team, he didn't play as  much as he would have liked. He understood, but the athlete in him, made it hard to sit. But with every life experience you learn, I hope he came away with a new perspective. All in all, he had fun and the 
8th grade team came away with a undefeated season !!!
Way to go Boys!!!

Life doesn't stop while Mom recovers.....

My kids, oh they just don't stop.
From another trip to the snow, he has absolutely fallen in love with snow boarding.

Nicole, went on a first date with a boy named Jacob ... ( he seems very nice and had a firm hand shake as we met before they went)

I missed her recital !! But the video was amazing. Love you Nicole

Ryan spent some time helping his big sis learn the waltz.

Staples out, new X-rays, no more pins and screws, there is still some damage, there always will be, only time will tell how this will play out. But it's time to make the best of whatever the future brings.

We had fun celebrating Ron's Birthday ... 

Valentine's Day came and went so fast

And, Ryan spent the day at Disneyland with Travis, Chandler and Samantha. ( This was the first time he'd been there since he was 2)

Oh wow, hold on, things don't slow down for any reason.

Take 2 ... Knee Surgery

Here we Go!

It's been 10 months since my fall, since I shattered my patella.
Today, Feb. 5th is surgery #2 

One of my main goals, get rid of this screw sticking out of my skin.

I'm scared, i don't want to do this, but i 
want to move on ...
This helped.... LOL
This attaches to your hospital gown, it makes you feel like the 
Michelen Man, but as it blows hot air into your gown and makes you feel 
warm all over ... you begin to relax !!

We are getting rid of the huge hardware and I am happy to report
they did not have to put any new hardware in !!
It looks pretty good, considering how bad I broke it.
Dr. Low believes the rest of the fractures will heal. 

 Bring on my recovery !!
Back to the couch, no bending for a week, but that's ok it hurts, so
the last thing i want to do is bend it.
  My day consists of pain meds and the ice machine .. 

This has been no fun, but everything is going so much better than i had expected.
Keep you posted !!

February 3, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year !!!!

It's the year of the Horse .....
and we celebrated today with lunch at Yang Chow in Chinatown ....

So much fun, so many laughs, check one more off my bucket list !!!

February 2, 2014

A day of laughs .....

My family just makes me smile and today was no different !!!
Today the 4 of us and along with Cade took off for a day of making memories ...
and had a perfect day on Balboa Island